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General terms and conditions

Read carefully the general terms and conditions of the online online business (hereinafter referred to as ”  general terms and conditions” ), as they enter into the online store (visit and agree with them unconditionally. The general terms and conditions apply to all pages of the online store, without exception. In the event that you do not agree with the terms and conditions offered, please do not carry out the purchase on our website.

With the general terms and conditions, with every visit to the website , or any of its subpages you fully agree, you also agree to any transaction carried out on this site. Before confirming your purchase, we will get acquainted with the content of the general terms and conditions. At the time of purchase, the general terms and conditions for both sides are binding. The general conditions are drawn up in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot-UPB2), taking into account the recommendations of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

SE-TECH sole proprietor, Gašper Sedej sp reserves the right to make any changes, in whole or in part, to any part of the general terms and conditions without any specific notice. Changes apply from the moment of publication. The owner and manager of these pages is a freelance entrepreneur SE-TECH, Gašper Sedej sp. (hereinafter referred to as  SE-TECH  or provider), Rudarska ulica 14, 5280 Idrija. The main contact email address of the company is . SE-TECH sole proprietor, Gašper Sedej sp is committed to updating the general terms and conditions of business in order to be accessible to everyone at all times without any problems.

SE-TECH does not assume any liability for any incorrect or incomplete information on the pages, nor does it assume responsibility for any irregular or incomplete records, images, or sound material, but will, as a good lord, take care of the most accurate data, records, and sound material.

As good masters, we commit ourselves to providing good care and upgrading for the online store for the sake of greater user safety. For technical or other reasons, access to the online store may be disruptive or completely disabled. The SE-TECH sole trader, Gašper Sedej sp, reserves the right to limit or completely stop the sale of some or all of the products for a fixed or indefinite period of time and to limit or completely restrict access to the store’s electronic site and all subpages for a fixed or indefinite period of time.

The provider provides all the information regarding the customer:

  • all company information,
  • all contact information,
  • ordering process,
  • deadline and delivery method,
  • technical characteristics of the products offered,
  • payment terms,
  • prices and VAT,
  • withdrawal from the contract and the cost of returning the product.

Self-employed entrepreneur SE-TECH, computer science and informatics, Gašper Sedej sp 

SE-TECH, Gašper Sedej sp is a sole proprietor dealing with computer science, information technology, website design, social network marketing, web optimization and also little sales, business consulting and various services.

abbreviated name: SE-TECH, Gašper Sedej sp

address: Rudarska ulica 14, 5280 Idrija

registration number:  7189761000

tax number: SI33436304

date of entry of the entity in the court register: 3.12.2016

A sole trader is a taxable person.

Contact information and communication

All basic communication with the company is carried out either electronically or in writing. The main e-mail address is .

For any questions regarding orders, please contact us at .

All electronic communications between the buyer and the sole proprietor SE-TECH, Gašper Sedej sp are treated in the same way as they are in writing and stored accordingly in order to assist in any later resolution of complaints or misunderstandings.

Private entrepreneur SE-TECH, Gašper Sedej sp does not undertake to be available at all times of the online store operation. He agrees that he will do his best to keep the communication at the highest level and try to satisfy the wishes and needs of the clients.

Online store services

The main service that users use when entering a website is to use the online store. This serves as the main means of communication for the purchase and is free of charge. Private entrepreneur SE-TECH, Gašper Sedej sp does not charge any additional costs associated with using the online store. By using a website, the user is bound to be at least 15 (fifteen) years old. If he is younger, he / she must obtain the written consent of the parents or the parents for the use of the online store. guardians.

Prices and taxes 

All prices are listed in euros (€, EUR) and already include value added tax (VAT). SE-TECH sole trader Gašper Sedej sp reserves the right to change the prices of any product or other costs without any prior notice. Changes apply from the moment of publication.

Private entrepreneur SE-TECH, Gašper Sedej sp is committed to publishing all the prices and costs at the time of purchase in a prominent place. The price of all tires is already included in the environmental tax for pollution caused by the formation of worn tires under the directive of the Customs Office of the Republic of Slovenia. When buying, the prices published at the time of purchase confirmation apply.

Purchase and delivery of goods is possible only in the territory of Slovenia.

Purchase procedure

The purchase process starts when you add the selected product to the basket. In order to make the purchase easier and faster, the quantity of goods placed by the buyer in the basket is set to four pieces (a set of tires). The customer’s system then redirects to the page where it can review its order and check the details again. At this point, the buyer may decide to complete the purchase or to continue shopping in the store, bringing it back to the main page. If the buyer chooses to complete the purchase, the page is taken to the authentication sub-page, where registered users can enter the password, and all customers can also apply for a new registration here or make a purchase without registration.

The customer then chooses the delivery address. For this, the buyer decides on the delivery method and verifies the resulting additional costs (more in the Payment and Delivery Methods section).

Through the process of purchase, you are led by a side column that contains all the steps and necessary links to it. The final buyer confirms the purchase by clicking on the Confirm Purchase button. Immediately receives e-mail with all the details of the order. Buy at the moment the customer clicks the button above becomes binding.

Methods of payment and delivery

SE-TECH sole proprietor, Gašper Sedej sp in the online store enables  payment by pro forma invoice and payment on delivery(upon delivery). Payment by invoice is the main form of payment and allows you to pay for all types of purchases, while a sum of payment is limited to purchases containing at least 2 and up to 8 tires.

When choosing a payment by pro forma invoice, the customer receives a pro forma invoice upon completion of the purchase in the e-mailbox. To view the calculation, Adobe Acrobat Reader is required, which can be downloaded for free on  this link . As soon as the customer settles the amount, the order is sent to our suppliers who immediately dispatch the goods. The delivery deadline for this type of purchase is typically 2-5 business daysfrom the date on which the payment is made, but the sole trader SE-TECH, Gašper Sedej sp reserves the right to prolong this deadline in case of unexpected complications. SE-TECH, Gašper Sedej sp reserves the right to extend the delivery period also during periods of increased demand, especially before November 15, when the period of compulsory winter equipment takes place. The contractual partner for this kind of delivery of shipments is DPD, courier and packet distribution doo, but SE-TECH, Gašper Sedej, has the right to choose another delivery service if this will enable it to fulfill the contract more efficiently.

When selecting a payment after delivery, the buyer receives a purchase receipt and additional information in the e-mailbox. SE-TECH sole proprietor, Gašper Sedej sp agrees with the right to contact the customer and to be sure of the authenticity and credibility of the ordered item. Goods are then ordered from our suppliers, which are usually shipped in the morning after the purchase. Delivery time in this case is typically 3-6 working daysfrom the purchase, but SE-TECH, Gašper Sedej sp reserves the right to extend this deadline in case of unexpected complications. SE-TECH, Gašper Sedej sp reserves the right to extend the delivery period also during periods of increased demand, especially before November 15, when the period of compulsory winter equipment takes place. The contractual partner for this kind of delivery of shipments is DPD, courier and packet distribution doo, while SE-TECH, Gašper Sedej sp reserves the right to choose another delivery service if this order is fulfilled more efficiently.

Delivery costs for payment method :

  • 3,99 EUR regardless of the quantity of tires ordered
  • In the case of the order of only 1 tire , an “extra charge for a minimum quantity” of € 6.10 is charged
  • Delivery time is 2-5 working days

Delivery costs for a delivery method :

  • 9.99 EUR for 2 to 4 pieces of tires,
  • 13.99 EUR for 5 to 8 inclusive tires
  • Delivery time is 3-6 working days

Subscribed tires will be delivered to the address designated by the buyer. The buyer will be notified about delivery beforehand via mail and / or phone. It is urgent to include a contact number on the order where the customer is also available. Without this, delivery is not possible.

Before accepting and signing the goods, check the quantity and quality.  If it’s not the product you ordered, do not pick up the goods and inform us immediately. We will try to solve the problem to the best of our ability.

In case of cancellation of the order, the cost of transport and processing in the amount of € 20 will be charged. In the case of a single piece order, an additional charge of € 6.1 is charged.

All listed prices include VAT.


In the best possible way, the provider strives to ensure the up-to-date and correctness of the data published on its website. Nevertheless, the properties of the products, their availability and price can change so quickly that the provider fails to correct the data in an online store in a timely manner. In this case, the buyer will notify the buyer of the changes and allow him to cancel the order or replace the ordered item. All product photos are symbolic and do not guarantee the features of the product. We only supply tires. Rims in photos are symbolic and not included in the price.

SE-TECH, Gasper Sedej sp has the option of withdrawing from the contract if a clear error is detected (Article 46 of the OZ). As a manifest error, the defect in the essential characteristics of the article is considered to be an error and all the mistakes that are considered to be decisive by custom in the shop or by the purpose of the parties, and the SE-TECH, Gašper Sedej sp would not confirm or conclude a contract in case of knowledge. This includes obvious errors in price.

Termination and return of goods

As a buyer you have the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days of receiving the ordered tires. You must notify us in writing via regular or electronic mail. Tires must be unused, intact and in a state as they were dispatched. The return of already mounted tires is not possible.

The organization of the return of tires is arranged by the bidder, which also has the cost of the refund. Do not return the gambling as a ransom package, since we will not take such a package.

SE-TECH sole proprietor, Gašper Sedej Spase, is obliged to return the entire purchase price to the buyer within 14 days of receipt of the goods.

Enforcement of the warranty

All products sold in the online store have a guarantee from the supplier or supplier. manufacturer. When applying the warranty, the warranty conditions stated on the warranty card apply.

All warranty claims must be submitted to the bidder in writing. Guarantee claims are examined by authorized personnel of tire suppliers that are in a contractual relationship with the provider. SE-TECH, a private entrepreneur, Gašper Sedej sp will try to ship new tires even before returning allegedly defective tires to his explicit desire to enable the customer to continue to use his vehicle easily.

Protection of personal data

Private entrepreneur SE-TECH, Gašper Sedej sp is committed to the permanent protection of all personal data of the user. We will use personal data for the purpose of fulfilling the order (sending information material, offers, accounts) and other communication needed. In no case shall the user’s information be handed over to unauthorized persons. In order to protect personal data, the user is also responsible for ensuring the security of his user name and password.

Personal data may also be used for the purposes of direct marketing in accordance with Article 72 of the ZVOP-1.

Complaints and disputes

The SE-TECH sole proprietor, Gašper Sedej sp, complies with applicable consumer protection legislation and will, in the event of an appeal, establish an effective complaint handling system and identify the person who, in the event of a problem, can be connected by telephone or by e-mail to the customer / user. Within five working days he will inform the buyer / user that he has received the complaint, informed him how long he will be in the process of processing, and keep him informed about the progress of the procedure.

The SE-TECH sole proprietor, Gašper Sedej, is aware that the essential characteristic of the consumer dispute, at least as far as judicial resolution is concerned, is its disproportion between the economic value of the claim and the costs that arise in resolving the dispute itself. This is also the main obstacle for the consumer not to initiate a dispute before a court. Therefore, the provider strives to do his best to resolve any dispute by mutual agreement.

Out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes

According to the legal norms of SE-TECH, Gašper Sedej sp does not recognize any performer of out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes as competent for resolving the consumer dispute that the consumer could launch in accordance with the Law on out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes.

SE-TECH, Gašper Sedej sp, which, as a provider of goods and services, enables the online trade in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia, publishes on its website an electronic link to the Internet Dispute Resolution Consumer Platform (SRPS). The platform is available to consumers here.

The aforementioned regulation is derived from the Law on out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes, Regulation (EU) No. 524/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council on online dispute resolution for consumer disputes and amending Regulation (EC) No. 2016/2004 and Directive 2009/22 / EC.


The online store and all data, product descriptions, software code, technologies, product photos, graphics and other elements displayed on the merchant’s website are protected by the Copyright Act and other laws and regulations of copyright law and are therefore not allowed reproduced or used without prior written permission. Trademarks and logos of recognized companies are owned by these companies.

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By continuing to use our website, you agree to install cookies on your device.

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